Helping the world be dog odor free

Welcome to Dog’s Odor Free. The best resource online for products and reviews to help bet dog odor. We love dogs here but we don’t love their smell, especially after the rain or when they’ve been rolling around in the dirt. We have had a lot of dogs in our lifetime and we’ve tried and tested hundred of dog odour removing products to bring you the best, cheapest and most effective ones.

Dog odor is a nasty smell even for dog owners. Even if your dog manages to stay away from dirt and rain they will still inevitably get smelly. There’s a certain smell all dogs get and it can be very off putting, especially for guests visiting your home.

Why do I need a dog door remover? I can’t smell it!

Those who own dogs get desensitised to smells, this is called olfactory fatigue. Just like those who regularly smoke, after a while you just can’t smell it anymore. Those who aren’t exposed to the smell often or over a long period of time don’t get their sense of smell affected by it and they will feel the full force of your dog’s smell. Think about the time you’ve been to your friends house who own cats; can you smell it? Or when you enter someone’s car when they’ve been smoking, can you smell that too? Now, think about when someone comes over to your house if you have a dog such as a jug. They will smell that and for many it’s not an enjoyable smell.

What causes dog odor?

Dog odor is caused by the same thing that causes human odour. Dog smell is caused by bacteria from perspiration as well as chemicals released from hair follicles which is individual to your dog. To us humans, though, every dog seems to smell the same but to each other they don’t – the way the dog smells is like our Driver’s license, it’s just who they are and how they are identified. A particularly smelly dog can be smelled miles away by another.

The dog smell can build up the longer they don’t get washed…and a dog really doesn’t mind if they don’t get washed so it’s up to use to make sure the dog smell doesn’t become overbearing and get everywhere. We can’t really stop dog’s odor from happening but we can do a lot to mitigate it so it doesn’t become a problem as well as make your house, car and everywhere else smell nice and not doggy.

How can I get rid of dog odor?

There are two ways to get rid of dog odor – cleaning/washing the dog itself with shampoo and using dog odor neutraliser in your home. Ideally, if you did both then you will have a much better time of getting rid of dog odor.